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Find us in Vegueta, which is the old quarter and founding district of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Our space sits amongst culture, tradition, curiosity and history. A strategic place for finding diversity, learning and teaching. Archipelago positions itself between history and the waves of the sea.

Columbus House (Casa de Colón)

The Columbus House is above all a cultural institution, which houses a Museum with thirteen permanent exhibition halls, an Americanist Library and Documentation Centre, as well as various spaces for temporary activities. Since its foundation in 1951, it has focused its objectives on researching and disseminating the history of the Canary Islands and its relations with the Americas. The ‘Yearbook of Atlantic Studies’ and the Canarian-American History Colloquia, which bring together researchers from all over the world and consolidate the scientific work of the Columbus House.

Mercado de Vegueta

This is the first market built in the Canary Islands, dating from 1863, at a time where there was a serious supply shortage in the islands. In addition, communications were difficult, hence, it was decided to create a central market in this city, as it was the most important city of the Canary Islands.

Nowadays, modernity and tradition live together in this market, this is one of the most important markets of the Canary Islands. A place where you can find all kinds of fresh produce for a good price.

Plaza de Santa Ana

The Plaza de Santa Ana is situated in the heart of the borough of Vegueta, the first major plaza, built at the beginning of the 16th century.

This historic space is a magnificent and monumental architectural complex, where the Episcopal Palace, the Provincial Historical Archive and the Cathedral are located and opposite it the Town Hall Houses. The guardians of the plaza are eight bronze dogs that remain undisturbed by the passage of time and history.


The Atlantic Centre of Modern Art (CAAM) is a cultural institution founded in 1989, which offers its visitors an attractive program of activities and exhibitions by artists from Europe, America and Africa, linked to contemporary culture, based on the three-continent foundational concept highlighting its Atlantic situation and its geographical location. Located in the Vegueta district, in the old quarter of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, CAAM art halls are located in a unique historic building on Calle Los Balcones, renovated by the prestigious Spanish architect Francisco J. Sáenz de Oiza. A few meters from this venue, in the plaza de San Antonio Abad, another historic building of the city also hosts exhibitions in the art halls of CAAM-San Antonio Abad.

Museo Canario

A scientific and cultural institution founded in 1879, where collections of archaeological and ethnographic materials and artistic creations are preserved, studied and exhibited, together with a Library and Archive specialised in Canarian subjects. Since its inception, it was conceived as a Society that would promote the development of science, literature and the arts, with special prominence to the Canary Islands. In the beginning, the Museum had collections and objects donated by Dr. Chil and other founding members and friends of the society, but they were expanded by two methods: archaeological excursions as well as donations and acquisition of objects.

Plaza San Antonio Abad

Here the Real de las Tres Palmas was founded, the origins of the current city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, on June 24, 1478 after General Juan Rejon disembarked in the Island bay with his troops.

In this small plaza, the first civil institutions of the island were established, and it was here that the Cathedral of the Canary Islands was located initially, where Christopher Columbus once prayed.

The Casa Colon museum, Plaza del Pilar Nuevo and the Cathedral of the Canary Islands are located in the centre of Vegueta, next to this plaza.

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